What is Vata?

Why is it important?

Have you ever wondered why, at times, all the lab tests are clean but people still suffer some diseases?

Such diseases are called idiopathic in western medicine - meaning unknown in origin. 

The main reason behind the effectiveness of Ayurveda in managing the so-called incurable diseases, is the understanding of the concept of Vata. 

Because of its formless nature, it cannot be identified in a laboratory, or in a blood test. 

Vata imbalance is the common reason behind all your test results being clean, while you are still experiencing discomfort and health issues in your body. 

Vata is usually the unknown culprit in such situations, and when balanced and corrected, 

It's like pulling that one single thread that can untangle the whole knot of diseases in the body.

Check out our course to learn more about Vata, and how to balance it.

What you can expect to learn 

  • Understanding Vata, its qualities and its relationship with our life 
  • How and why Vata is responsible for pain 
  • How Vata can affect our body, gut and our emotions 
  • How to improve Prana - the highest version of Vata
  • Lifestyle, therapies and medications for balancing Vata 
  • Mantras for calming the mind inflicted with Vata
  • Foods that balance Vata and enhance Prana
  • Medical astrology perspective on Vata balancing remedies
  • Dr Vignesh’s medical experience in treating Vata Imbalances with case studies

Is this workshop for you?

Balanced Vata is the foundation of our health and well-being, and is also the most easily imbalanced dosha in these stressful times. Anyone who is experiencing anxiety, stress, spaciness or other Vata predominant disorders can benefit from this workshop.

What makes this course unique

Dr. Vignesh Devraj is a fourth-generation Ayurvedic practitioner. The content shared in this workshop is not just theoretical, but a highly practical and result oriented approach derived from his own medical experience. 

Balancing The Mighthy Vata

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